What scores appear on this website?

The scores that appear are the highest scores you’ve obtained when playing Rock Band 2. For some songs your highest score might not be for your usual difficulty (ex: “Hard” instead of “Expert”).

Do I have to enter my scores manually?

No, everything is automatic. All you have to do is play Rock Band 2 while connected and your scores will be at RockBandStats.com. For “Band” scores you have to play in World Tour mode, but for “Solo” scores it can be in any game mode, including Quickplay.

Why don’t my scores show up?

If your scores don’t appear, it is because they are not in the range specified on the Home page.

When are the stats going to be updated?

The stats on this website will be completely refreshed about twice a week.

What does the “Next Goal” column mean?

Ranked songs: The “Next Goal” column indicates the score you would need to get to the next star (see Summary box for color info), or the #1 score if you’re not 1st and already have a Gold star.

Unranked songs: The “Next Goal” column shows the score you would need in order to be ranked at RockBandStats.com. The color is the star rating of the score to reach.

Why do some songs have the top 8,000 and others a bit less (ex: the top 7,996)?

Some song leaderboards have ties, and every tie reduces the number by 1. Also, a lot of DLC have smaller ranges so the numbers will vary.

If you have any other questions, please send us an email from our Contact Us Page.