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Please note that the information on this website is dependent on the Leaderboards at RockBand.com and that it only applies to Rock Band 2.

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The database currently holds 62 million scores from 2.6 million players and bands. This includes the top 10,000 for every song, plus every Gold star beyond that range.

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This website is brought to you by Bongoo, a member of the PS3 band “3 Macas and a Reject”. Be sure to check out the band’s blog to follow our adventures.

A big thanks to Harmonix for creating this great game, to Phoenix5096 and DMan3021 for their contributions, to Kawigi for providing star cutoff information, to elsif for the stat banner functionality, to jpiceman for providing some star cutoffs, and to everyone who gave some suggestions. Note: All star ratings for band scores are for 4-player bands.